creative marketing

Digital marketing strategy to elevate your digital presence.

A unique and holistic strategic approach to grow your business digitally. Understanding where your customers are in their journey will indicate the right platforms for your business.

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Food for thought

You are 276.74 times more likely to climb Mt. Everest than click on a banner ad. (Business Insider)
Is this for you?

1. Does your business need a traditional marketing plan or a digital media marketing one or a mix of both? Not sure?

2. Or have you tried print and digital marketing? Now looking for something different?

If yes, then this is for you.
Creative marketing strategy holistically blends together mainstream and unconventional marketing strategies to identify all possible approaches and available pathways that your business can use to reach customers.
> Discovery session to understand your business, objectives, goals and more
> Marketing audit that includes a thorough evaluation of past marketing strategies, in-depth business, customer and market analysis
> Marketing strategy suggestions with our assessment report
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Increase followers and page engagements with custom-designed social media content plan for all your social media channels
Posts, banners, graphics designed in your brand colours
Enhance your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages with eye-catching visuals
Grow your digital presence to grow your business
* Minimum order: 10 posts
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Build brand awareness and reach more people on your social media platforms with regular organic engagements.
Social media strategy
Content strategy and calendar plan
Content design
Account management
Business community management strategy
Analysis and reporting
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Build a meaningful relationship with your customers and grow your customer base.
Set up email automations for your weekly or monthly newsletters and digital promotional materials, that will keep your audience engaged.
Send a welcome and thank you email to your customers automatically after they purchase a product or your services or simply engage with your business.
Seamlessly integrate related third-party applications to enhance customer experience and reduce your workload.
> Discovery session to understand your business, objectives, goals and more
> Digital audit that includes a thorough digital evaluation, in-depth business, customer and market analysis
> Automation strategy sessions
> User journey mapping and user flows, with customer behaviour vs. action analysis
> Automation set-up on Mailchimp
> User experience assessments and workflow testing
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